An artistic start to the year

What a superb start to the year! The group at creative cafe have been dancing in our brand new Creative Dance session, created some lovely paper crafts, and tried their hands at creating pastel drawings of fruit and flowers.

Our art & craft sessions at Creative Cafe include a variety of themes and materials, and everyone is welcome to join in. Marilyn and the group are planning to work on a collaborative piece in the next session.

The group were also delighted to welcome Glenn back to Creative Cafe after a thoroughly enjoyable charcoal portrait session a few months ago. Armed with huge sheets of paper, pastels and pencils, Glenn introduced the session’s theme: still life. After a quick demonstration, the group set to work and quickly produced some superb pieces. With music from the gramophone drifting through the cafe, the slightly grey Monday morning was brought to life. Everyone was in good spirits, and although they may have got a little dirty along the way, the results were truly fantastic…. and who cares about a little mess anyway!?